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Grooming Plus Nutrition Equals Synergism!

Does Grooming & Nutrition Seem Like an Unlikely Couple?

Here’s Why I Say NO WAY!

When most people think about grooming, they think about how the dog looks on the outside. The overall “finished product,” if you will. However, there is another side to grooming and overall animal wellness that is often neglected. And it’s a pattern that I’ve been observing for the last 15 years.

Of the thousands of animals that I’ve worked with, roughly 90% of them had a health- related issue, some more severe than others. Most common are the typical hot spots, itchy/flaky skin, yeasty ears, ear infections, and runny eyes. However, conditions like diabetes, auto-immune disease, and cancer are equally prevalent, just not as apparent. Caring about animals as I do, I had to ask myself, “What is the common denominator?”

From this question, my passion for nutrition was born. It’s become my mission to help animals look their best on the outside and to help Pet-Parents nourish them on the inside. Who better to help people with their pets than the people that intimately groom and care for their animals? I firmly believe that groomers should be responsible for both the external and internal wellness of the animals.

The challenge for me (and others in my profession) begins with a lack of education on what constitutes nutrition. As a society, we struggle enough as it is to nourish ourselves. And, our pets are a completely different ball-game.

Unfortunately, incredibly effective TV marketing campaigns have trained us to think that feeding our pets is challenging and best left to the professionals. This fabrication is why the bags of dry kibble you see on retail shelves everywhere are so attractive. They’ve done all the hard work for us, and all we have to do is pour it into the bowl. So easy!

However, most Pet-Parents (and others in my profession) forget that kibble is pretty much like feeding your dog cereal every day for their entire life. There is little to no actual nutrition in kibble. It’s a highly processed puff stuck together with high levels of carbohydrates that get synthetic vitamins/minerals sprayed onto it (amongst other not so healthy things), and it’s called dog food. And this is what 90% of Americans feed their pets day in and day out. Are you starting to see a correlation here?

Without even knowing it, Pet-Parents across the country are depriving their beloved pets of nutrition essential to their overall health and well-being. Remember, dogs and cats are carnivores (meat-eaters), and they are not equipped to eat carbohydrates or “foods,” where the entire basis of nutrition relies on synthetic vitamins and minerals. This nutrient deprivation and high carbohydrate load significantly drives the health conditions I listed in the second paragraph above.

A majority of the animals in the US are suffering, and they can’t even communicate with us. Imagine if one of your children or loved ones had stuff growing out of their ears (yeasty ears) or they were itching/scratching their skin constantly; we wouldn’t accept it. Yet, this is the reality that 90% of pets deal with daily.

At DawgyStyle, it’s our commitment to you and your pet that we will not only make them look beautiful on the outside. We will also help you care for them on the inside so that they can live the best and longest life possible. Just like any other member of your family 🙂

Come see has to experience the DawgyStyle Difference.

-Brittney Whiteford

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