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Come style your dog your way... Customize your dogs haircut with our in-shop StyleBook.


Whole, Half, or Bath...


Haircut DawgyStyle, Specific Breed Cut or Basic
Hydrosurge Bath
Tearless Face Wash
AnalGlands Expressed
Blow-Dry & Brushout
Nails Clipped & Dremmeled
Pads Trimmed
Ears Plucked & Cleaned
The Tush N Bush (Sanitary)


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Small $80 & Up

Medium $90 & Up

Large $100 & Up

X-Large $120 & Up


HydroSurge Bath
Tearless Face Wash
Anal Glands Expressed
Blow-Dry & Brushout
Nails Clipped & Dremmeled
Pads Trimmed
Ears Plucked & Cleaned
The Tush N Bush (Sanitary)
Face Neatened & Feet Trimmed

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Small $60 & Up

Medium $70 & Up

Large $80 & Up

X-Large $90 & Up


HydroSurge Bath
Tearless Face Wash
Anal Glands Expressed
Blow-Dry & Brushout
(Nails Included with Naturally Short Hair Dogs – Frenchies, Pugs, Boston Terriers, etc.)

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Small $55 & Up

Medium $65 & Up

Large $75 & Up

X-Large $85 & Up

Teeth Brushing $15

Sanitized brushes or purchase your own toothbrush. We store it!

Nails SM/MD $15 LG/XL 20

Grinding included.

Pads, Ears, & Nails $30


Tush N Bush $15

Sanitary Trim (NO BATH)

Anal Gland Expression $15


Daycare Fees:

$1 per minute fee applies one hour after we have contacted you for pick up


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Starting June 15th,2023

We would like to thank all of our customers for your continued support as we strive to give you and your pets our very best. Due to increase of costs to our business we will be increasing some of the grooming prices and changing some of the ways we operate as we are expanding the business to better serve you.

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Luxury Packages

Fancy your pooch or help relieve skin ailments

Charcoal Keratin Shampoo $10

Activated charcoal to absorb chemicals, poisonous substances, and odors waiting to be washed away. Charcoal is basically the universal antidote for impurities. Keratin is the strong, soft, cherry on top!

Argan Vitamin E Shampoo $10

Helps promote healthy skin & coat. This treatment will reduce flakiness. The coat dries soft but glossy.

Lavender Shampoo $10

Calming lavender aromatherapy shampoo that deep cleans without removing the natural oils from the skin. This shampoo can also be used for healing skin abrasions, relief of burns. and other various skin ailments.

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Healing & Prevention Packages

Fancy your pooch or help relieve skin ailments

Medicated Shampoo $15

Helps with multiple skin ailments, dryness, itchiness, hot spots, dermatitis, yeast. Ask about your pets specific skin irritation or ailment.

Oatmeal Shampoo $5

Rejuvenate dry skin!! Not for yeasty skin types.

De-Matting Service (Starting at $10)

Detangle tough spots from stubborn coat, water exposure, licking & biting to just a tight kinky coat!

* These cases have special rules that apply, please make sure to communicate with your Stylist.

De-Shedding Shampoo/Conditioner/Brushing (Starting at $10)

A perfect shampoo & conditioner combo that loosens the undercoat while moisturizing your pets skin. This combo helps in removing unwanted hair for much longer.

Flea Shampoo $20

We use all natural products made from Yucca or Orange Peel. This shampoo will kill fleas and help keep them away for a short bit without any other treatment.

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About Us

Meet the groomers!

Meet Your DawgyStyle Groomer


Hi – My name is Brittney and I’ve been working with dogs and cats professionally for the last 17 years. I’m a mother to an adorable 11 year old named Abel, a dog that thinks he’s a human named Billy, and a rascally young cat named Greyson. My love for all things furry started back when I was a child when I used to pick up stray or injured animals and bring them home for rehabilitation (unbeknownst to my parents of course). This proclivity of mine has blossomed into my life’s work with an emphasis on health, handling, and nutrition.

At DawgyStyle, it is my mission to provide a safe and comfortable place for dogs and cats to get groomed. And, because we get to make the outside beautiful through grooming it had prompted me to educate myself to help make the inside beautiful as well through nutrition. I hope to be able to share all of this and more with you and your fur-children when you visit us here at DawgyStyle.

Meet Your DawgyStyle Groomer


At the age of 19 I was given the chance to become a dog groomer, little did I know it would become my passion and career spanning 29 years. I love building relationships with and caring for my furry friends, especially the most challenging ones. To help change their mindset from disliking or being terrified of grooming, to loving it or at the very least tolerating it is a pure joy to see. Making your babies comfortable and beautiful is my goal. I am a mother and wife from Long Beach ,CA. I lived in New Jersey for a period of time and being in the city of Dana Point feels like a mixture of both. I love the beach, hiking, seeing new places and my guilty pleasure is reality t.v. I look forward to making new friends and hopefully seeing some old!

Contact Us

We can’t wait to meet you!


34085 Pacific Coast Highway STE 112
Dana Point, CA 92629


Mon-Sat 8am-5pm, Sun- CLOSED

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